What’s New From The Knit Picks Podcast
Sarah, Knit Picks podcast producer!

Hi, I’m Sarah! I started with the Knit Picks Podcast as their newest producer in October of 2019. I come from an audio and a video production background but also am a seasoned knitter. I was beyond excited by the opportunity to work with Knit Picks. I see the podcast as an opportunity to really dive into a specific topic within yarn culture and grow with the larger craft audience. I’m a big podcast lover and feel that there is a deep connection that happens when someone listens to a show. It can feel personal.  

The challenge to this podcast (and many other podcasts) is that we’re having to discuss topics that are traditionally more visual and make them accessible to audiences through audio. Our podcast team has a wealth of knowledge and does an amazing job making sure to describe exactly what they are talking about when it comes to techniques or yarns while also being entertaining and relatable.

As a producer, I’m also a listener. I like learning along with our audience. My favorite parts are when we learn about what each person is doing in their knitting journey. Listening to the Knit Picks Podcast is like hanging out with my friends.

Moving forward, I’m hoping to help guide the team to create episodes that can speak to everyone and offer information to beginners and long-time knitters. I also want to make sure it’s fun to make and fun to listen to.

We also opened up a voicemail for people to call and leave messages and questions for us to use on the podcast. Because of a voicemail we received from a listener, we reshaped a recent episode to include it. Listen to episode 317 Designing Knits.

To leave a voicemail call 360-334-4847 and record your message. You can also record a voice memo on your phone and email us that audio file at podcast@knitpicks.com

New to the podcast? check out our podcast page, and browse some of our recent episodes. Happy listening!