May News: Mosaic Knits + New Hawthorne!

Summer, summer, summertime
Time to sit back and unwind

Fresh Prince c. 1991

As we gather up our yarn and needles and head outdoors to enjoy the first signs of summer, we’re reminded how grateful we are for life’s simple pleasures: a frosty glass of iced tea, a cool swathe of shade, and a never-ending queue. While the mercury rises, so do our lofty ambitions to crank out sock yarn shawl after sock yarn shawl, making it a perfect time to release 15 new flavors of delicious Hawthorne yarn. While we’d never dream of playing favorites, we just can’t seem to help ourselves: we wear our Hawthorne heart on our sleeve. Not a sock yarn fan? That’s ok! We have a bevy of new yarns in bulkier weights and more luxurious fibers. The proverbial “something for everyone”. Read on to find the latest & greatest in yarn-related news!

New Colors

Hawthorne Kettle

Did somebody order up 9 new colors of Hawthorne Kettle? We sure hope so, because they are here, and they are fabulous!

Hawthorne Speckle

New Hawthorne Speckle sock yarn colors.

6 new colors of Hawthorne Speckle? Don’t mind if we do!

Chroma Twist Bulky

How can you make a rainbow even more beautiful? Try adding 8 new colors of Chroma Twist Bulky to the mix.


We’ve added an array of modern jewel tones to our favorite sport weight luxury fiber? You don’t say!

New Yarn Lines

Aloft Hand Painted Mohair

Handpainted lace weight mohair? YES. PLEASE.

Chroma Twist Worsted

Your favorite Chroma Worsted colors, but with a twist!

New Pattern Collections

Mosaic Medley: Slip Stitch Colorwork

Add new excitement to your knitting with the slipped stitches of Mosaic Medley! This book features thirteen accessories and garments all using various styles of mosaic knitting, creating colorwork patterns while working with only one color per row. No wrangling strands as you knit! Whether you prefer squishy garter stitch or classic stockinette, fine fingering weight or chunkier worsted, bold geometric designs or organic-looking patterns, we’ve got you covered.

Vivid: A Knit Shawl Collection

Vivid: A Knit Shawl Collection is here to prove that fingering weight yarn isn’t just for socks! Bust your sock yarn stash by turning it into beautiful, colorful shawls, wraps, scarves, and cowls. Stripes and color blocks, cables and twists, lace, short row wedges, mosaic knitting … there’s something for every knitter in this collection of fourteen patterns to keep you cozy. So grab your favorite shades of Hawthorne, Stroll, and Chroma, and cast on for an eye-catching new accessory!

Now, go forth and knit! Or not. Totally your choice. We love you either way!


  1. Kim Napier / May 29, 2020

    The two new pattern books look terrific. Shawls and mosaics, I love them both.

  2. Ruth Nguyen / May 21, 2020

    The new Hawthorne Kettle colors! 😍 And the Hand Painted Aloft!