Fun times with IDP!

Have you checked out our IDP patterns lately? We have a whopping 165 patterns up from over 80 designers so far in the program! It’s been really fantastic seeing these beautiful designs & getting to know all of the designers – I only wish I could knit & crochet faster so I could make them all!

One of the more fun parts of my job is doing a photo shoot – while we love our designers to take their own shots (often they are even better than the ones we could set up!), sometimes they do not have the means & access to the kinds of photos we need. Being in charge of a photo shoot is something I have not had any experience with, but with help from our art director Christina & our photo gurus Sarah & Kerry, I somehow muddle through & have a lot of fun with the photos!

For instance, Kerin & I got to put on a puppet show for a very special audience:

(Puppy Hand Puppets by Yvonne Boucher)

And set up a ocean scene for an adorable sea turtle:

Mbé the Leatherback Sea Turtle Crochet Toy by Akua Lezli Hope

And find a beautiful scene for a lovely hat:

Cotton Crochet Sunhat by Sarah Margaret Crittenden

I hope you are enjoying our IDP program as much as we are! And check back every Thursday for our newest IDP patterns!