New Simply Cotton Heathers + Cheezombie $1.99 patterns= maximum cute
If you want to snatch up a skein or two of our brand new Simply Cotton Heathers, but you’re not sure what you’d knit with them, may I suggest a cute and cuddly Cheezombie toy…or three?
Like Stacey, Cheezombie’s quirky IDP toy patterns make my heart go pitter pat, but the idea of dyeing my own organic Simply Cotton or using another yarn did not. So when samples of the new Simply Cotton Heathers showed up in Alison’s office a couple of weeks ago, I knew exactly what I wanted to knit first. Stacey and I were first in line to scoop up a skein or two of the worsted weight and take it for a test run.
Stacey knit another Weiner Dog in Mandarin Heather to add to her growing menagerie. She named him Santa’s Little Helper (any other Simpson’s fans out there?).

Alison joined in the fun and knit up a black sheep using Bittersweet Heather and Camel Heather, and the Sheepish pattern. She opted for french knots for eyes instead of knitting the googly eyes.

I knit a Spring Tulip with Carnelian Heather and Green Tea Heather. I could’ve gone down to size 4 needles for more rigid leaves, but I decided I liked the floppy, organic look (I knit it on size 6, I’m a really loose knitter.)

I’ve heard that cotton yarns can be hard to work with, but I never had that problem with Simply Cotton, even at a tight gauge. The yarn is soft and cheery and the pattern was easy to read and fun to knit.
If you don’t knit toys, Simply Cotton would also be amazing for baby hats, sweaters, or blankets. It’s machine washable and soft enough to wear next to a baby’s delicate skin. I might need to make an Area 51 hat or a Fly Away Home ladybug cap out of my leftovers to have on hand as last minute baby shower gifts.
We can’t wait to see what you knit up in Simply Cotton Heathers! And don’t worry, more spring yarn will be coming in the next couple of weeks. This is just the beginning…