Wouldn’t you think that this would be one of the first Ravelry names taken? Knitting? Chocolate? Well, you would be so wrong!!

Let’s go back a couple of years to a lovely spot in Mexico. I’m sitting by the pool with Xena, knitting away on something when a young girl and her brother come up to me and ask if they can say, “Hi” to Xena.

Of course Xena is doing her wiggle/wiggle thing which translates into, “Oh boy, new slaves to pet me!”

Stella, and her brother Jack, stayed around for long enough for me to learn that Stella and her mother had tried knitting a few times but never really fell in love with it!

Of course, I had extra yarn and needles for just this situation. Over the next couple of days, the three of us enjoyed knitting sessions by the pool.

We’ve kept in touch – even got together when Bob and I were in Los Angeles. A couple of weeks ago Stella sent me a note saying she had been knitting quite a lot lately. I suggested that she join Ravelry and – Can you believe it? – she was able to get the name iheartchocolate.

Please drop by and “Friend” Stella. Her Ravelry space is very blank right now. I think she needs a little bit of encouragement. Maybe suggest a couple of Groups that would be particularly good for a beginning knitter and/or a young knitter.