So many ways to help find a cure for Breast Cancer

This year the Susan G. Komen Foundation is celebrating its nineteen year anniversary. In those few years the determination of Nancy Brinker to keep the promise she made to her sister, Susan G. Komen, has blossomed into an international focus of love, shared sorrow, medical breakthroughs and hope.

When you visit the Foundation’s wedsite, you understand how Nancy’s promise has grown so dramatically. You will find information, support and, most importantly, a variety of ways that individuals can help achieve the Foundation’s vision off a world without breast cancer.

This year I am choosing to take a step up from walking with a few friends to leading a team. It may sound like quite an undertaking but the Susan G. Komen Foundation makes leading a team surprisingly easy. Everything including an easily navigated, and personalized, team site, options for recruiting people for my team and communicating with them right up to the day of the Portland Walk on September 20th.

If you don’t live in the Portland, Oregon area, you can find a walk close to your home. You can choose to make a donation to your local Susan G. Komen chapter, walk or run individually, join a team, form a team or, my favorite, Sleep In For The Cure!

If you choose to form a team please feel free to use the logo that we have designed for the Knitters for Knockers who will be walking with me on September 20th. We will be using the large logo on 18″ round neoprene balloons for each of the walkers in Portland. I know this will help us spot each other as we spread out during the walk. You can use the re-sizeable file for your own team’s balloons, t-shirts, buttons, etc.

Re-sizeable Logo.jpg

I know many of us will also be knitting “pink” over the next few weeks. You may want to design a special project for your team to build team spirit or use my free Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon pin.