A note about knitalongs!

We’ve been getting a lot of messages lately from people who are new to the Knitting Community with questions about our knitalongs. I wanted to extend a quick welcome and explain how the knitalongs work.

Most of our knitalongs are ongoing. That means you can join them at any time, there is no set day and time you have to start. They also have no end date. You can start the day it goes live, or you can join after it’s already been going on for a couple of months. No matter when you join, the odds are pretty good someone else will be online ready to answer any questions that pop up or give you a little moral support if you have to rip back.

Members of our staff moderate many of our knitalongs and if a knitalong or thread is dedicated to one of our in house patterns, our designers Nina and Kerin try to pop in from time to time to answer questions and get feedback on their designs. Stacey, who works in customer service, also participates in our Knitting Community and answers tons of questions! In addition to staff moderators, there are a number of dedicated, talented knitters who hang out on these forums and can’t wait to meet you. So don’t be shy. Just click on one of the knitalongs, click “Join [the group]” on the right hand side, and you’re ready to rock!

The exceptions to the rule are our speed knitting contests. We host those a couple times a year, and they’re lots of fun. We’ll give you plenty of advance warning before they start so that you have time to get your needles and yarn ready, and then on a set date and time, we announce the pattern and the race is on.

Let me know if you have any other questions about how knitalongs work. We’re glad you’re here! <