83 colors, 1 photo

Since we released our new colors of Palette, I’ve heard a lot of knitters mention that they would like to see a photo of all the colors lined up to be able to compare them next to each other in the same lighting. I thought that sounded awesome, so I got to work hunting down all 83 colors and arranging them in a way that made sense. The columns are roughly arranged by hue in color wheel order. The rows go roughly from the darkest value to the lightest, with the neutrals being slotted at either end in the columns they coordinated best with. Seeing them all laid out like this is amazingly helpful! I can now see at a glance the pastels, the mid-tones, and the darks just by looking across the rows.

The above photo is the pretty “art” version, not cluttered up by labels. The one below is what I posted in the Colorwork KAL with every color labeled (click for bigger).

Speaking of the Colorwork KAL, if you’re inspired to do some colorwork knitting after seeing these colors, do come and join us. I’ve posted recolor ideas of our popular colorwork patterns, and soon I will be starting a mystery pattern KAL. Hope to see you over there! <