Line by line

I’m inching along on my Classic Lines Cardigan, and I’m amazed to see how much progress I’ve made just by knitting in meetings at work and the occasional car trip. (Alice has discovered that her hands can GRAB things, so anything in my hands or on my person at home is not safe!)

On the right is how the cardigan looked a couple weeks ago, as modeled by my new dress dummy. (I think she needs a name! Any suggestions?) I just measured, and I am now only an inch away from the armpits. I guess that means I need to knit the other sleeve. I knit one sleeve already, but for some reason cast on the body next (even though it’s just more of the same in wider format).

If you haven’t been following along through the Classic Lines Cardigan knitalong, the pattern is free (available here), and the yarn I’m using is Shadow Cattail with Shimmer Eucalyptus accents. I can’t wait to finish this baby and wear it in our chilly air conditioned office this summer! <