It Counts as Lace, right?

With all this recent talk of lace and socks and warm-weather knitting, you might think that I’d forgotten about my City Tweed sweater. Well, I HAVE slowed down a bit, but progress is still being made! There’s the back and both fronts on the blocking board, (I noticed that I pinned them crooked as I uploaded this picture. Don’t worry, they’re even now!) patiently awaiting the sleeves, which are still rather un-impressive:

But hey, it’s something! We have a saying around the office (Or, maybe it was said once and I decided in my mind that it was a saying…) which goes, “If it has holes, it’s lace,” and when I think about it that way, fully half of my projects count as lace! Or, they will, once they’re done. So, since this sweater is lace, that makes it a summer sweater, and that practically GUARANTEES that I’ll finish it soon, because summer is officially here! Logic, always my ally. I’m off the the City Tweed KAL to let my knitterly compatriots know I haven’t abandoned them, and then maybe I’ll swing by the Lace KAL and try to pass this project off as “real” lace to them too. Though, they might not be as lenient with me as you all are! <