Wearable Lace

I love lace knitting, but I’m already the proud owner of four lace shawls, so I wanted to knit something else in lace. When I saw the Essential Tank Top by Laura Zukaite in the book Lace Style, I knew that was the next lace thing I HAD to knit! (It is image #1 under View More Images, and we’ll also be showing a version of it knit in double stranded Gloss Lace on page 5 of our lace catalog which is now online!)

I’m knitting it in single stranded Essential Kettle-Dyed in a sample color that didn’t make the cut (sorry!). However, if you’re an orange lover like me, I think you could get really close to this color by dyeing the Bare version of Essential with Burnt Orange Jacquard Acid Dye (maybe throw in a few grains of Chestnut for a slightly darker edge). Which reminds me that I haven’t dyed yarn in much too long. Ooo, maybe that’s a project for this weekend!

If you love knitting lace or would like to learn, come join Nina and me in the Lace Knitalong! <