Very silly things

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me and my brain cannot seem to handle complicated long term projects. Not to mention my usual “I must knit everyone a gift for Christmas” mindset. Luckily I’ve recently discovered the wonderful patterns by Danger Crafts – mostly from reading these message boards! (thanks, NoKnitSherlock!). I love them – they are adorable & take little time for my poor distracted mind. Not to mention using up those random balls …

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Knitting angora love for my feet!

As you know, I went a bit crazy at the Sock Summit this summer! I am industriously knitting my way through the collection of yarns I could not resist!
Gail Smith from Windsor Farms Rabbitry is an evil woman! Her booth at Sock Summit had skeins and skeins of lovely angora yarns just hanging around begging to be pet. But, that is just the bait to draw you into Gail’s clutches. …

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Mary Scott Huff Talk and Book Signing in Portland, Oregon 11/11/09

Hey Portland Area Knitters! We are having a local event, and we would love to meet you all in person!

Local author, Mary Scott Huff, is releasing a gorgeous new book, The New Stranded Colorwork, and we are so excited about it that we are organizing an author’s talk, trunk show, and book signing to celebrate. We have been fans of Mary Scott Huff’s designs for awhile. She designed several exclusive Knit Picks …

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CLiC Tuesday – Hurrah!

I had forgotten how energizing it is once you have joined the sleeves of a sweater with the body! My cardigan is now my constant knitting companion! Remember, it is football season so I have lots of time to knit! 🙂 <

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November Catalog Preview

Hey guys! I’ve been working here for months but I’d like to officially introduce myself, I’m the new catalog designer for Knit Picks. I’m a very beginner knitter, but I’ve been working for Knit Picks sister company, Connecting Threads for years, so I’m familiar with all the amazing people that work here!
That said, we have some great projects in our up coming November catalog. This catalog is all about small, quick-to-knit …

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Fall Felting

The weather is turning colder, and it’s a great time to be thinking about warm slippers, hot cider, and snuggling by the fire under a cozy afghan. I’m busy with several felting projects at the moment, and fall is such a nice time to work on things like that. I’ve got 4 pairs of slippers in process (serially, not concurrently) – one pair in the Laced Slippers Pattern, and I’m working on the Read more »

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year because I love to see people wearing crafty and creative costumes! Since Halloween is on a Saturday this year, we decided to come to work on Friday wearing our costumes.

This is the marketing department. From left to right, Kyle is a cowboy, Melissa is a crazy craft lady, Diane is a pirate (she has paintbrushes and yarn in her treasure box), Marci is the lady from the …

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Mr. Foster Halloween Costume Contest Winner!!!

This Halloween, Mr. Foster is dressing up as Spock!
Find more photos like this on Knitting Community
Yes, the winner of our Mr. Foster Halloween contest is Spock by Elisa Willis, aka ClosetGeek. Spock got 262 votes!!! Nice work Elisa! Keep an eye out for a private message so we can get your address and mail you a Carmen Banana kit as your prize.
It was really hard picking our top 3 costumes for you guys to …

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Final sock knitting videos!

Here are the final two sock class videos. The first one will walk you through how to make your decreases for the toe, and then the second video shows you how to do the Kitchener stitch to close the toe. Once you’re finished with the toe, you’re all set!
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Photo behind the scenes & a contest!

Now that our November catalog projects are online and catalogs are in the mail, I thought it would be fun to show you a few “behind the scenes” snapshots of our catalog shots. Often we have to put ourselves and our models in ridiculous looking situations to get that lovely and natural looking shot. To make things a little interesting, we’ve decided to make a game out of it. Can you guess what the product is we’re shooting? (Hint: It’s …

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