Lace Shawl – Finished!

Yahoo! Finally finished with my modified version of the Lady’s Circular Cape from Victorian Lace Today, knit in Shadow lace yarn in the Spring Green Heather color. It was a little boring to knit, which is why it took me so long – I was always finding more interesting things to knit, but now that it’s done I love it! Shadow is really warm, with a nice weight and drape without being too heavy. I really like the shape too (the photo makes it look like a semi-circle, but it’s really more like 2/3 of a circle) – the ends are just long enough to wrap around me and to stay on my shoulders without constant adjustment. To get this shape, I knit 9 of the 12 repeats that the pattern called for. I also made the shawl a bit deeper (higher – more rows) than the pattern called for because I like to scrunch lace up when I wear it.

I just got a cute white and brown print sundress that has the tiniest bit of green in the print too. Since Shadow is a heathered yarn, and the Spring Green is subtly multi-hued, this shawl looks really good with the little bit of green in the dress print. Add a pair of green strappy sandals and I’m ready for summer parties!

P.S. Click here to see a full 12 repeat version of the shawl, also in Shadow lace yarn.

PPS. Okay, here’s a sundress photo. It’s not even sunny outside, but this shawl is so warm that I’m quite comfortable even in a sleeveless dress.

I love how the Spring Green Heather looks so good with the little bit of green in the dress print.