New knitting rule!!

Have one pair of socks in progress at a time!
Last weekend I finished off the second pair of Ric Rac Socks from The Little Box of Socks. After that I took a critical look at the two pair of socks that had been languishing in my knitting pile. I made myself be honest about why I had been leaving them sitting for so long. It turned out that there weren’t any …

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Wow! Friday!!

I’ve decided that Friday should be an inspirational seque into the weekend! Check out this spectacular project at Painted Threads!
Just what I need to keep in mind as I do some of my fall cleaning!! When I find little bits of yarn and fiber I can set them aside for felted balls! That and the audio book of Master and Commander makes for a lovely weekend! …

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Winner of the HUB gift certificate!

Remember the Portland contest I posted a few weeks ago? Sorry about the delay in picking a winner–we had lots of great entries, and I got sick last week, so it was a double whammy. We had so many awesome ideas suggested that we ended up choosing the top 10 entries and then drawing a random one from those. The lucky winner is Gwyneth who posted the following suggestions:
1. The Armory Theater in the Pearl District
2. Pix …

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More bang for your buck

According to our very official poll results, 79% of you are knitting at least a couple gifts this holiday season. If any of you gift knitters are on a budget, you might appreciate our Knit 1, Give 1 kits. Each of the kits marked with this logo on the product page…

…contains enough yarn to make more than one item.
So for example:
You can knit ornaments as gift tags or make one for each of your aunts, …

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Just in time for the holidays – a Wishlist!

Our IT department has been working hard over the last few months rebuilding our shopping cart system to give our shoppers a better experience.
Note: If you are redirected to the homepage or a broken page after adding an item to your cart, please delete your Knitpicks cookies. This should resolve the problem. See our FAQ for more information.

For starters, we’re excited to introduce our first Wishlist. You can add products to your wishlist from any page, move …

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39 Felted Snow People – complete

I started Christmas early this year – last April or May. And I’m now done. Whew! I made 13 sets of the Felted Snowmen pattern (39 total snowmen). It was a wonderful project to work on over the summer. Very portable, small, and no heavy warm wool resting on me in the heat. Two of my Lumpies got special Christmas hats and scarves due to a Knit Picks Christmas Hat project (upcoming).
It’s great to be done with my Christmas knitting …

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CLiC Tuesday – So close!

Five more inches and I will be able to join body and sleeves!! That is quite an incentive!!
Thanks to a staff meeting this morning I was able to finish the second sleeve up through the increases. Now all I have is simple knitting around and around for the last five inches. I have to say that the windy, rainy weather we are having today is ideal for knitting. I started my day knitting by the …

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Are you buying gift cards this holiday season?

Buying a gift card is a bitter sweet activity for me. On one hand, I’m giving a gift that gives in two ways–you get it as a gift, then they get to go shop with it, so it kinda doubles the enjoyment. Also, of course, they get exactly what they want.
On the other hand, it’s kind of impersonal and can carry that negative connotation that I didn’t put much thought into it.
The designers at Knit Picks have saved the day.
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Color My World

One advantage your LYS has always had over is ease of browsing. Just walk in the door and your eyes scan all the different colors they have to offer. Maybe one or two jumps out and catches your eye. Maybe you’re looking for that perfect shade of blue to compliment your nieces bright blue eyes or a funky purple that will match your favorite winter parka.
In person, its easy to spot those colors, but online, you’re looking for a …

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