IDP Photoshoots

As the IDP Coordinator, one of the more fun parts of my job is doing photo shoots.  Some designers aren’t able to take photos that work on our website so every 6 weeks or so, we schdedule an IDP photo shoot where we photograph the projects on one of our models.  Usually, when I do the shoots, there’s about 20-30 projects that need to be photographed all in one day!

My favorites shoots are the ones we can do outside – often times (especially from October – March) we aren’t able to because it’s too cold (or in most cases rainy!).  But in the milder months, it’s a lot more fun. While most of the photos you see in the catalog are shot in different locations, all the IDP shoots are done right around our office.  Luckily, our offices are surrounded by nature rather than buliding so we have lots of options for backgrounds!

Like we have pretty trees…

 around the office


More fun in Ohio


So, as you may know, the Knit Picks offices are in Vancouver WA but our distrubution center is located in Columbus OH – shipping from a more centralized location helps keep our shipping costs down!  But many of us who work in in WA have never gotten a chance to see the warehouse or meet the folks out there.  When we went out to TNNA we finally got that opportunity!

The warehouse staff not only handle all the Knit Picks orders, but also the ones from our sister companies, Connecting Threads and Artist Club.  It’s a big place!

 CAG Visit




Nominate Your Felici Favorites

This contest is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  To find out who won, click here: WINNERS


As most Felici self-striping sock yarn fans know, Felici colorways have always been limited edition. Each year, we come up with a new selection of colors, and buy a set amount. Felici aficionados have learned to stock up while the getting is good, sometimes certain colorways sell out fast (ahem, 2010′s Rainbow)! This year was actually the first time we decided to bring back a color, Rainbow, from the previous year due to customer requests. Well now we’re thinking about bringing even more colors back as Felici Favorites, but we want to hear from you!


Say hi to Dishie! (and find out how to win a $20 gift card)

Thank you to everyone who participated!  This contest is now closed.  To find out who won, please click here: WINNERS

I am so thrilled to introduce you to our brand new yarn- Dishie. Dishie is a hard working worsted weight yarn, made of 100% cotton with a tight spin and high absorbency. Dishie is made of tougher stuff than super-snuggly Comfy or the organic cotton in Simply Cotton, which were designed specifically with garment knitting in mind. Dishie is more of a multi-purpose yarn well-suited for projects like dish cloths, market bags, baby bibs, but we made sure the finished yarn is still soft enough that it’s a pleasure to knit. Dishie is also one of our most affordable yarns at only $3.99 for 100g ball, and comes in a rainbow of colors.

Dishie is the darling of the Knit Picks’ office right now, we’ve never knit so many dish cloths! Kerin even made up a dish cloth template for us so that we could each design our very own dish cloth pattern which are now available as free patterns. She also re-formatted the template to create a downloadable DIY Dishcloth free pattern. Now we want to see what you can come up with.

Send a PDF, word doc, or jpeg of your own charted dishcloth pattern, or a photo of a knit or crocheted dishcloth you designed to contests@knitpicks.com by May 15th, 2011. It’s up to you whether you want to use the DIY Dishcloth pattern or free style it- anything goes! We’ll randomly select 3 winners and give them each a $20 gift card to Knit Picks. The winners will be e-mailed and their names will be posted here on the blog, along with some photos of a few of our favorite submissions.
Now I’d like to show what our staff dreamed up to give you some inspiration…


New England Knits & Gloss sneak peek

I have been so excited about New England Knits since we first started seeing pictures from it and I finally got my very own copy!

We’re all pretty excited about it here – in fact Kate & I
unknowingly both tweeted about how excited we were about it. I went to
the coast this weekend & with the cool weather there, it was
perfect time to thumb through it & think about all the lovely
cardigans I want to make!  And goodness, I think I want to make every
single project in this book – something I haven’t seen in a book for a
very long time – well that doesn’t include cute toys like Knitting
Mochimochi! :)


Staff news!

I wanted to take a minute to introduce our new Marketing Coordinator,
Alisha. Alisha currently crochets, and she’s decided to learn how to
knit. Her first project is going to be a scarf, and I already assured
her that everyone in the Knitting Community and here on the blog would
offer lots of moral support and advice if she needs help. Welcome


Crocheted Shawl – week 1

I got my yarn (Stroll Tonal Gypsy) and wound it…  enlarged the chart for my selected pattern (Diamonds Shawl from Crochet so Fine)… got my crochet hook… and ready to go…   At first I started reading
the pattern since crochet charts were not familiar to me…  but I
ripped out several times and thought UGH!!!  so I tried the chart…

what a difference!  just like knitting charts make life easier, so
do crochet charts, so don’t let them scare you away!  and a little
hint: get a highlighting pen and mark the rows as you complete them… 
makes it much easier to find your spot…  I also do counting a head of
time on some of the larger repeats, so I don’t have to stop at each