IDP Photoshoots

As the IDP Coordinator, one of the more fun parts of my job is doing photo shoots.  Some designers aren’t able to take photos that work on our website so every 6 weeks or so, we schdedule an IDP photo shoot where we photograph the projects on one of our models.  Usually, when I do the shoots, there’s about 20-30 projects that need to be photographed all in one day!

My favorites shoots are the ones we can do outside – often times (especially from October – March) we aren’t able to because it’s too cold (or in most cases rainy!).  But in the milder months, it’s a lot more fun. While most of the photos you see in the catalog are shot in different locations, all the IDP shoots are done right around our office.  Luckily, our offices are surrounded by nature rather than buliding so we have lots of options for backgrounds!

Like we have pretty trees…

 around the office

…and even a field!

around the office

(with Mt Hood in the background!)

A few weeks ago, I had one of my IDP shoots – you can see many of the patterns up on the site now.  Once we get a model hired, I go through the items we are going to shoot & match them up with some outfits that will show it off even better.  Then we head outside.


We have a fantastic photography team of Amy (photographer) and Sarah (photography manager).  In this photo, Amy is having our lovely model, Shelby, pose in differnt ways to show off Luise O’Neil’s On the Moor Shawl.  A lot photos are taken with different poses, then I have the dificult job of narrowing them down!  Here’s how the photo turned out:

We try to have a variety of backgrounds for different shots, so I work with the photography team to choose the area. We want something pretty that’ll enhance the item we’re shooting but not distract from it.  For another project we shot that day, we wanted to have some of the wildflowers in the background, since it went so nicely with the yellow Swish featured in the shawl. This is Akua Lezli Hope’s Bridges Crochet Wrap.


From this angle, you can’t see many of the flowers, but in the photo itself you can see how they show up all around Shelby.

Photo shoots are sometimes long and tiring since we’re on our feet for several hours at time, but we have a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed this little peak into them!