You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!!

I learned to knit continental style and fair isle after 35 years of “throwing”… see me do the happy dance??

fair isle swatch

At the fair…  makes me think of the old time movies like 1933 movie State Fair.  Last Friday I was at the Fair! The Clark County Fair.  With lots of animals, 4H and blue ribbons! It was there that I was able to help my knitting guild (Ft. Vancouver Knitting Guild) by sitting at the “knitting” table for 4 hours.  Tina was gracious enough to come along and keep me company.  During that time we introduced knitting to anyone who was interested.  The guild had made up little knitting kits to give away. It included straight needles (we made them out of dowels & wood beads) a ball of yarn, and instructions for the knit stitch.  We would help the people learn how to knit, and then they could take the kit home to practice.

During the 4 hours we were there, we had some down time.  Tina was gracious enough to teach me how to knit continental – something I have avoided for a long time.  She did a good job! Within a 1/2 hour I felt comfortable with the new way of knitting (slow, but comfortable).  Then she showed me how to work with two colors.  I’m so excited! I can now do fair isle, and keep a uniform stitch for the most part – my swatch is using black WoTA and Chroma Lollipop…  But the swatching is now done and I’m ready to move on (I’m so impatient!)  So this weekend I’m going to try making a simple fair isle hat.  I’ll let you know how it turns out…