Help! What should I do?

In the beginning of October, I told you in a post about the hat I made for my
granddaughter – as a reminder, here’s a picture of Kalyn and her big brother

So after this little photo shoot, Cole asks me if I could make him a hat and of course I told him I would love to!

“What would you like your hat to be?” I asked

“Skulls!” he said – yes, he’s 8 years old!

Ugh! I never could get into skulls or skeletons! I hunted all over to see if anything would trigger inspiration. Nothing. (I don’t think his mom was too keen on skulls either)

So, after a week or two of mulling it over, I asked him, why a skull?  He thought they were cool.

I’m such a bad
nana, I asked him if he knew what skulls were and then went into a slightly little bit of detail.
(I told you I was bad). And his response was a funny “yuck” kind of face and then said “OK Nana, how about Legos?”

I am still thinking on that one. I don’t even know where to
start! Has anyone ever seen a stranded
Lego hat? I had an idea kind of something like this to start with, but it needs more than just blocks:

but I think it needs something more.  I’ll probably use Swish Dk since he is a boy but I need help – do you have any suggestions?