3rd Annual “De-Stash” Party at Knit Picks

What’s a de-stash party, you ask? It’s a yearly event that we do here at the office. Three years ago a few of us employees here at Knit Picks were complaining about the huge stash of yarn/fabric that we have at home.  Since it was the first of the year and clean-up resolutions were on our minds, we came up with a “de-stash” party idea. Both knitters and quilters participated, and we brought in the yarn/fabric we were willing to part with.  After weighing the stash we each bought, all the goodies were dumped into a big pile. The person who brought the most was the first to dig in!

stash pile

A stop watch was used to measure 10 second intervals for each of us as we took turns grabbing the yarn we wanted from the pile. (The next round was for 20 seconds, then 30 seconds). Some succeeded in going home with less than they came with, and then there were others who did not! (How could anyone resist not grabbing some of this yummy yarn?)

Here’s Kerin taking her turn:

Kerin Yarn

Behind that




gigantic pile of yarn is Amy from our IT department.

amy yarn

And then there’s me.  It’s definitely an action picture! When you only have 10 seconds, which goes very fast, you have to move quickly! Alison and Hannah are waiting for their turns.

Kim yarn

But in my defense, not all the yarn is going into my stash.  I’m involved in a charity knitting group and most of the yarn will be going to them. The 3rd annual de-stash party was a success and a good time was had by all.  When we were done, the left overs were packed up and will be donated locally.

Have you ever had a de-stash party? If not, get your knitting group together and have fun with it! Be creative with your rules. Remember, one knitter’s stash-trash can be another’s treasure!