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Cyber Monday Sale Update #2

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I just wanted to let you all know that our IT team was working on the website last night making some changes and updates to get it to run faster.  There was a brief period last night when only 75 colors were showing. Now, all 450+ sale colors are back on the sale yarn page and they're all 25-35% off until 11:59pm PST tonight.  The site should be running much faster today.  We're very sorry about the slow load times yesterday; we know that must have been really frustrating.  Thanks again for being so patient and supportive! Have a great day! -Alisha

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Black Sheep Gathering

  This isn't a black sheep!  It's a black angora goat.  That's where mohair comes from! The Pacific Northwest is home to several fiber festivals, and Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon is one of my favorites.  Despite being surrounded by yarn every day (you should see my desk), I get a boost of energy and creativity when I can spend time with fellow knitters and spinners.  Plus, I can buy MORE yarn, fleece, and spindles from the talented shepherds, indie dyers, and woodworkers who are local to this area.  I spent the weekend running into old friends, meeting awesome new people, learning new techniques, and planning a ton of knitting, spinning, and weaving projects to complete in the next year!  

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