Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival

We had a taste of summer weather this weekend so Kerin, Jenny K., Hannah and I all went for a scenic drive – which, of course, ended at the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival.  None of us can resist pretty yarn & fiber!


Photo of the Upstream Alpaca booth

There was a lot of petting

pretty fiber

Also from Upstream Alpaca.  This is Alpaca/Silk blend and gorgeous.

I actually don’t spin (maybe one day), but I did enjoy looking at all the fiber & watching my coworkers play around.  All three of them tried out a Sonata Spinning Wheel at the Foothills Yarn & Fiber booth and are in love with it


Hannah taking her turn.

We were also all fascinated by the display of Pedro’s Flying Shaft Rug & Tapestry Loom. We think we should have one here in the office to play with.


 Hannah & Kerin watching a demonstration at the Pedro’s Yarn & Fiber booth

Naturally we went a little crazy with buying new yarn & fiber.  In fact, we filled a good portion of the trunk of Kerin’s car!


I didn’t buy any fiber (though I was tempted!).  I did buy some yarn from my favorite local dyer, Alpha B.

alpha b 

4 skeins of her BFF B DK in The Evergreen State colorway and 1 Luxe B (merino/silk) in Pacon (the teal blue skein).  The pink/purple on was one I purchased from Three Fates Yarn.  I just can’t resist pretty yarn and especially locally hand dyed yarns.

Kerin was the big winner though – she had so much she had to carry some on her head!


We had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to see what my coworkers spin up -all the fiber they bought was beautiful.  

You can see all the photos from our trip on our Facebook page!