What to knit for Knit in Public day?

I’m moving in a few weeks, and started packing – of course, the most accessible thing to pack was my yarn!

The yarn is calling to me from its cardboard confinement!

And my yarn shelves are bare. (Yes, my craft room is hot pink)

So what to do for knit in public day? I know that moving is about the most super-busy time ever, so I figured I was probably safe packing everything because I wouldn’t have time to knit. But, the yarn, it calls to me! Every skein I touched was begging to be something as I stuffed it mercilessly into boxes. No, no, for this Knit in Public day, and I guess for the next few weeks before I set my yarn free once more, I will commit to… *gasp*… one project. I KNOW! I know. ONE! only one. And it is?

A little spring cardigan out of Simply Cotton Sport in Marshmallow! Yes, though I have never knit a sweater for myself in anything less than an eye-searing shade of awesome, every time I’m looking for a cardigan to throw on, I always want white or black. I have just never knit for myself in neutrals. But when I got some samples of Simply Cotton to swatch for the office, it was love at first touch. It’s the perfect yarn to break me out of my neon addiction and my feelings towards cotton yarn. I LOVE it. It is the most amazing feeling yarn ever – I can’t wait till the sweater is done! But, I can’t get too far ahead of myself, because if I finish too fast I’ll have nothing else to knit!

I’ll also be posting progress of this cardigan over in the Simply Cotton knitalong, though there’s not much to it yet.

See? Even Calendar Kitty is displeased with my slow progress! Those are the sleeves… well, just imagine there will be sleeves on there.

So, this Knit in Public day, I’ll be flaunting my Simply Cotton with pride – and knitting very slowly! What are you working on? <