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Knit Picks Podcast Episode 344 – Forage for Natural Dyes with Anna Canning and Dye Bare Yarns With Items Found at Home

As the days get longer, knitters often head outside with their crafting. On this episode of the Knit Picks Podcast, we are talking about natural yarn dyeing with bare yarns.

First up Lee and Stacey catch up on what they did for World Wide Knit In Public Day and some recently finished projects. They talk about their love of Knit Picks Bare Yarns, undyed yarns. Knit Picks carries all the same yarns you have grown to love and some additional ones in the Bare yarn line. Stacey is a big fan of the Knit Picks Bare Woodland Tweed and the Bare Woolen Cotton. 

Next Lee interviews Anna Canning who is a hobby natural yarn dyer. Anna has spent a lot of her personal time …

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Bare Yarn: An Indie Dyer’s Canvas

A hand holds a cake of pink yarn - it has been naturally dyed with avocado.avocado dyed yarn from @woodsandwool

While it’s not a secret by any means, you may not know that most of our existing yarn lines are available in their undyed, natural state. We lovingly refer to these pristine fibers as bare yarns. In addition to heavy-hitters like Wool of the Andes, Hawthorne, and Gloss, you’ll find a healthy selection of unique fibers that aren’t available as part of our regular dyed offerings. Weighing in at 100g, these yarns are less expensive than their colorful counterparts, making them a smart choice when shopping for budget-friendly fibers.

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How to Dye Yarn with Indigo: Our Indigo Dye Day!

We’ve been talking about dyeing your own yarn a lot lately, and with good reason: it’s a very fun way to take your fiber art to the next level! Want to learn how to dye yarn with indigo? Read on for tips and tricks for working with this ancient plant-based natural dye.

A top-down view of our indigo dyeing area. A silver tarp on the floor, a blue bucket full of indigo liquid, a skein of bare yarn being dipped into the bucket, and a stir stick.

One of the benefits of working for Knit Picks is working with creative, fiber-loving gals that are excited to teach us new skills. Our lovely Brand Director Hannah organized an Indigo Dye Day …

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Podcast Episode 321: DIY Yarn – Dye It Yourself!

We’re recording these episodes from our homes scattered across Portland, Oregon. We may be apart but our enthusiasm for all things yarn and crafting bring us together! Today, we’re taking a small departure from knitting or crochet to talk about dyeing yarns. No matter what craft you’re passionate about, being able to make your unique, custom colorway is an exciting and fun project that you can do at home with things you probably already have around the house!

First up, Regan and Hannah chat about natural dyes. You can get stunning washes of color from tree bark, spices, and common vegetables with just a little bit of time and effort. Regan shares his experiments with our Earthues dye kit and Hannah …

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A Botanical Yarn Dyeing Journey

Welcome to the amateur dyeing adventures of me, Regan, one of the photographers for Knit Picks! I want to preface this by saying that this is not a tutorial. I’m just having a fun time experimenting! So join the ride as I create a mess of my kitchen.

Muse // Woodland Tweed // Twill

For this journey I used Knit Picks Bare Muse, Bare Twill, and Bare Woodland Tweed. I’ve recently discovered that I love 100% Merino wool, so Twill and Muse have been two of my favorite yarns. I chose Woodland Tweed so I had some variation from my obvious favoritism. All in all, I had six of each yarn (18 total) to experiment with.

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Podcast 279: Bare and Dye It

Beyond the meticulous color curations of our full yarn lines, it’s a badly kept “secret” that Knit Picks offers a whole host of yarns in their raw state for dyeing and more: our Bare yarns. To highlight our recent expansion of these hopeful hanks I first sit down with Stacey to discuss our favorites, both new and old. After that, Hannah and I share some of our daring dyeing adventures and give some guidelines and tips on where you might get started on some of your own.

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Monthly Yarn Sale – Dyeable Bare Yarns!

Every month we highlight a different yarn line for our monthly yarn sale. This month’s stunner is our line of Bare, dyeable yarns! Most of our existing (and even some of our discontinued) lines are represented in this lineup. Always 100g, these yarns tend to be less expensive because they’re undyed which makes them ideal for budget-friendly knits in addition to being the ideal way to explore hand-dying. Getting the exact color you’ve always wanted has never been easier!

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New Dyed-to-Match Buttons

Dyed to match buttons

Attention sweater and garment knitters – we have some news that you are going to LOVE! We literally searched the world over to bring you these gorgeous custom buttons, hand-dyed to match our Wool of the Andes, Palette, and Swish yarns. Each button is formed from the corozu nut – also known as tagua – a durable, sustainable product that is scratch resistant and has an elegant natural grain.

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