Episode 362 – Speedy Sweaters & Dyeing with Regan
Regan wearing his speedy sweater made from his hand-dyed Twill.

You’ve heard our hosts mention the speed with which our Senior Graphic Designer Regan finishes sweaters, so we had to have him on to get him to reveal his secrets! In this episode, Stacey and Lee chat with Regan about how he became a sweater knitter, how he got so fast, and his experiences with dyeing yarn in sweater quantities.

Regan’s first sweater crocheted with City Tweed Aran.

As always, Lee and Stacey also share their current WIPs and the latest collection they worked on! It’s our annual big sock collection, Pop Socks: Colorful Patterns. They have a hard time picking just a few to talk about because who could resist cheerful socks using multiple yarns? In addition to chatting about new patterns, they also discuss some of the new yarns that launched along with them, including a special Stroll Mini Pack created just for a pattern from Pop Socks

Mentioned in this Episode

Lee’s new socks 

N for November Sweater pattern 

Rosendale Slouchy Hat pattern 

High Desert yarn 

Deep Winter Coat pattern 

Ventisca Slipover pattern 

Unparalleled book 

Twill yarn

Kristen Jancuk’s patterns on Knit Picks 

Kristen Jancuk’s patterns on Ravelry 

Pop Socks book 

Pop Socks ebook 

Connecting Threads 

Rainbow Socks pattern 

Stroll Mini-Packs 

Fallen Leaf Socks pattern 

Stroll yarns

Wavy Stripes Socks pattern 

ZigZag Socks pattern (note: Lee misspoke—these are shaped with increases & decreases, not short rows!) 

Comfort DK Socks pattern 

Swish DK yarn 

No Purl Socks pattern 

Rebound Socks pattern 

Animation yarn

Woodland Friends pattern 

Space Mobile and Garland Set pattern 

Capra yarn 

Capretta yarn

Knit Picks “New” page 

Bare yarns 

Regan’s most recently finished sweater (at the time of recording…he finished another one a few days later!) 


Podcast Episode 321: DIY Yarn – Dye It Yourself! 

Jacquard Acid Yarn Dyes 

Bare Mini-hanks 


ChemKnits video tutorials 

Set of four sweaters for Regan’s family 

Thicket book 

Regan’s Instagram

Time Stamps

00:03 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast!

00:37 Lee and Stacey share their current WIPs and future knits.

04:47 Learn a little more about our new pattern collection Pop Socks and new yarns.

23:23 Senior Graphic Designer Regan joins Lee and Stacey to discuss speedy knitting and his dye projects.

24: 46 Regan shares a little of his knitting background and history at Knit Picks.

33:00 The team discusses Regan’s favorite sweater yarn, Twill, and his recent dye projects using it.

38:12 Last year Regan knit 4 sweaters in 2 months and shares how the projects went.

40:27 The secret to Regan’s speed is revealed! 

45:50 Lee and Stacey share a few stories about working with Regan.

48:50 Credits