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Podcast Episode 323: Baby Knits and Toys

Nilla the Unicorn

Knitting tiny things like stuffies and baby sweaters has always been a favorite way to fill our knitting queue. Lately the knitters here at Knit Picks have cast on for small, quick projects as we find ourselves with more opportunities to dive into our stashes at home. It’s the perfect time to reach for instant gratification knits.

First up, Hillary and Morgan share their recent experiences knitting for babies. Tiny sweaters, hats and the cutest baby socks are fun to whip up and gift right away or store for future babies. They share tips and tricks for knitting baby gear as well as some pattern recommendations!

Next, Stacey and Hannah do a deep dive into knitting toys. They …

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How to Dye Yarn with Indigo: Our Indigo Dye Day!

We’ve been talking about dyeing your own yarn a lot lately, and with good reason: it’s a very fun way to take your fiber art to the next level! Want to learn how to dye yarn with indigo? Read on for tips and tricks for working with this ancient plant-based natural dye.

A top-down view of our indigo dyeing area. A silver tarp on the floor, a blue bucket full of indigo liquid, a skein of bare yarn being dipped into the bucket, and a stir stick.

One of the benefits of working for Knit Picks is working with creative, fiber-loving gals that are excited to teach us new skills. Our lovely Brand Director Hannah organized an Indigo Dye …

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Podcast Episode 322: Warm Weather Knitting

Cascades Tee

Here in the Pacific Northwest we’ve had our first burst of warm weather and we’ve decided it’s high time we talk about warm weather knitting. Whether you’re thinking of garments to WEAR or projects to MAKE during our upcoming heatwaves, we’ve got you covered. Listen along as we talk about the ins and outs of our favorite knitting season: SUMMER!

First up, Stacey and Hannah share their favorite projects. We’ll get you thinking about your own knitting queue and wardrobe. And if you’re wondering if summer is blanket-knitting season, the answer is YES! Modular blankets are easy to knit in small sections while sitting in the sun, and then pieced together in the cool evenings. Stay tuned for more …

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Podcast Episode 321: DIY Yarn – Dye It Yourself!

We’re recording these episodes from our homes scattered across Portland, Oregon. We may be apart but our enthusiasm for all things yarn and crafting bring us together! Today, we’re taking a small departure from knitting or crochet to talk about dyeing yarns. No matter what craft you’re passionate about, being able to make your unique, custom colorway is an exciting and fun project that you can do at home with things you probably already have around the house!

First up, Regan and Hannah chat about natural dyes. You can get stunning washes of color from tree bark, spices, and common vegetables with just a little bit of time and effort. Regan shares his experiments with our Earthues dye kit and …

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