Weaving with Imagination

I love weaving with Imagination! We got our shipment of new Imagination colors
at the office right when I was at the peak of my weaving obsession a
few months ago and I immediately grabbed two of my favorite colorways,
Rose Red and Enchanted Lake and took them home with me. I’m not
embarrassed in the least to say that I started warping the loom before I
even took my coat off!


Queen Anne Infinity Scarf

It’s been another year and my sister is having another birthday. Every year I find myself plumbing the depths of my Ravelry queue,
pinterest boards and various craft stashes to come up with a gift that
she’ll both like and wear. When my sister was visiting over the holidays, she brought a bunch of
those giant, jersey fabric infinity scarves that seem to be popping up
in stores these days. They keep you warm like regular scarves without
the hassle of keeping track of all those ends. I decided to break out the 32 inch Kromski Harp Loom and weave my own version of her favorite scarf!


The Wonders of Weaving

A while back, I tackled my first ever weaving project and instantly loved not only the texture, but also the way colors interacted with each other. I was so impressed at how fast I was able to work through so much yarn that it didn’t take long for me to warp the Kromski Harp Loom for another project. Hannah has also been working on a few weaving projects recently and every time she brings in a newly finished project, my mind begins to wonder off and daydream of all sorts of fun, color-filled projects.

Having this itch to weave led me to Ravelry, where I discovered I was able to filter projects in a way that only showed weaving projects. I have been intrigued by the idea of working with Palette since there are over 100 colors to choose from. One click led to another, and I entered “Palette” into the search field to only show weaving projects that used Palette. One word: amazing! I was instantly inspired by all of the stunning projects that Knit Picks customers have made. There was one project, however, that just jumped out at me – yarnvista’s woven blanket!


Weaving Take #2

A few months ago, I finally got the nerve to try my hand at weaving. I first was intrigued by weaving when Kelley started to prepare the samples for her Weaving with a Ridig Heddle video class. I don’t know why, but for some reason I had it set in my mind that weaving was complicated and time consuming. And don’t get me wrong – weaving isn’t some I am able to start on a whim as easily as casting on some stitches for a knitting project. The preparation is a bit time consuming and takes a bit of finessing, but once you are actually weaving the entire process goes along fairly fast.


Weaving & Color

If you have been following along with our podcasts, you might have heard Kelley chatting with me about rigid heddle looms. After working with Kelley on creating video tutorials for weaving with a rigid heddle loom, I was instantly fascinated by the color possibilities! I have never worked with a rigid heddle before, but I am in the beginning stages of planning out my first project.