Weaving with Chroma

I’m officially enchanted! I decided to try weaving a scarf with Chroma Fingering over the weekend, despite some trepidation about the possibility of the warp strand breaking and I’m SO GLAD that I did!

I picked out one ball of Theater for the warp and one ball of Atlantis for the weft in hopes that the green sections in both would go well and that there would be gradual, subtle color changes. Oh I’m SO happy with how it turned out! I had no idea that the red sections in Theater would pop as much as they did, and that gorgeous teal section in Atlantis is absolutely stunning. I only had two warp strand break during the process before I figured out that I just needed to advance the weaving more often so that the heddle didn’t rub on the same section so often. I wound the fabric forward after weave about two inches each time and that seemed to do the trick.

I love how soft the final fabric is and there’s definitely a wonderful sheen and luster to each little bump of yarn. Oh, and that fringe! So squishy and bouncy. I love seeing the color shifts between each piece of fringe as the strands go through the color repeat.

I definitely see many more scarves in my future, especially now that I’m starting to think about all the birthdays and holidays coming up! Have any questions about weaving with Chroma Fingering ? Go ahead and post in the comments!

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  1. cc / June 14, 2013