Weaving with Imagination

I love weaving with Imagination! We got our shipment of new Imagination colors at the office right when I was at the peak of my weaving obsession a few months ago and I immediately grabbed two of my favorite colorways, Rose Red and Enchanted Lake and took them home with me. I’m not embarrassed in the least to say that I started warping the loom before I even took my coat off!

I made two five-foot long, 5.5 inch wide scarves, including their happy, springy fringe on both ends. I used Rose Red as the warp and Enchanted Lake as the weft for the first scarf and then reversed the colors for the second to spice things up. I was surprised to see that despite the opposite warps and wefts of these two scarves, they wound up looking very similar. There is a slightly stronger red pooling running lengthwise on the scarf that I warped with Rose Red and slightly stronger blue pooling running width wise on the scarf I warped with Enchanted Lake, but the effect is very subtle. The biggest difference is the fringe. Whatever color you warp your project with will be the color of the fringe (if you choose to keep it). In the image above, you can see the pooling as well as the fringe on both scarves. On the left is the scarf warped with Enchanted Lake and the one on the right was warped with Rose Red.

I love working with multi color yarns for weaving projects, especially yarns with short color segments like Imagination. There is a wonderful pixelated quality to the fabric up close which resolves into a nice overall magenta-lavender color from a distance with these particular colorways. I also really like the stray Alpaca fibers that bloomed after I washed, blocked and then lightly ironed each scarf. The fringe is especially springy and soft too!

I slipped a two inch section of Enchanted Lake warp and weft at the end of my first scarf to see what that would look like. I love the contrasting yarn in the rest of the scarf, but those calming blues and purples are definitely calling to me. I sense another few scarves in my future!

Each scarf took one hank of each colorway to weave and now I’m browsing through all the Imagination colors, trying to pick out my next project. Enchanted Lake and Arabian Nights? Loch Ness and Enchanted Forest? Or maybe a Castle Walls and Sasquatch, I think that would make a pretty handsome scarf for a fella, don’t you? Oh so many projects, so little time…