Book Sale – Focus on Weaving

This Spring, my goal is to start weaving. Last summer my husband bought me a rigid heddle loom for a milestone birthday, and last week, I finally got it warped. This is the week I’m finally going to begin, and to get me to the start line (let alone the finish line), I’ve been looking at some great books on the topic. Here are 3 books we carry on weaving. At 40% off during our book sale, why not pick one up? You’re sure to get inspired, and maybe you’ll get weaving, too!


My favorite book on weaving to come through the office has been Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom by Syne Mitchell. Packed with great stitch patterns and helpful hints, like fixing broken warp threads, it also has great essay on topics I never considered, but am sure to encounter. My favorite essay is called “Weaving Ugly Things” and it begins, “There will come a time when you’ll look down at the fabric on the loom and think, “Dang, that’s ugly”. The author then goes on to talk about how unpredictable weaving can be, even for seasoned veterans. With great full color illustrations, and imaginative stitch patterns I can’t wait to try, this book is about to be added to my library.


Simple Woven Garments is a great book I’ve been looking to for inspiration beyond the basic scarf. Because once I get an even fabric when I’m weaving, what’s next? This book offers adorable patterns for wearable woven garments, and all the specifics in sizing, yarn, and technique to enable you to make them. I can’t wait to try some shirts, woven in lindy chain for the summertime!


If you’re interested in weaving but don’t want to invest in a loom, Finger Weaving: Scarves and Wraps gives you 18 projects to make with your hands! This weaving is bold and modern, and the results are sure to turn heads when the weather gets a bit colder outside. Why not spend the summer crossing people off your Christmas list? I’d love to make so many of the epic accessories with our Tuff Puff Super Bulky Yarn. You may never need a new winter coat again :).

Hope these books have inspired you to look into weaving, if you’re not a weaver yet. At 40% off, any of our books are a great way to add inspiration to your crafting journey. I can’t wait to show you my weaving progress! I hope you’ll stay tuned.


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  1. Susannah Harper / April 15, 2016

    great book recommendations, thanks for posting about them. I’ve just started weaving too, it’s very addictive!