Staff Gift Guide – Hannah

There are a few tools that perpetually reside in my shopping cart, just one click away from being all mine. And yet there they stay, waiting for that moment when I break down and splurge or someone magically gifts them to me. The long-term resident on my list is a Kromski Harp Loom.


I love weaving scarves, place mats and table runners and have found that the 16″ is the perfect size. The 24″ is better suited for pillow fronts and shawls while the 32″ is great for weaving fabric yardage.


Rigid heddle looms like the Harp Loom are great for beginning weavers like myself. They’re easy to set up (I can warp the 16″ in 30 minutes) and simple to operate. Scarves magically appear in an afternoon and there are some fun techniques that you can use to get different fabrics. I’ve been poring over the “Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving” book for inspiration and to jog my memory whenever I forget a step.


And of course you can’t forget the yarn! I love using Wool of the Andes for my projects because I can choose the perfect colors from the huge palette and have a 100% wool scarf for $10! Now that Wool of the Andes Superwash is here I can make scarves for everyone in my family, even the ones who seem to accidentally felt everything I make!


This might be the year that I finally gift myself my very own loom… or I might get lucky this month and find one under the tree!

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  1. Joleen B / January 10, 2014

    I got lucky and found one under the tree! 🙂