Learn to Weave with Hannah

For me, summer is about trying new things. I like new stitch patterns and new yarns, but most of all I like new crafts in general. In the past, I’ve devoted summers to needle felting or dyeing. This summer, I’m learning to weave! I have a small rigid heddle loom and I can’t wait to make scarves and placemats and pillowcases for everyone I know. In my dreams, my Christmas list will be complete by the time the pumpkins are ripe. If you’re interested in learning to weave, we have a new tutorial available where Hannah weaves a gorgeous pillowcase out of Hawthorne Fingering Yarn! Learn how to warp, weave, and finish your project in this great video:

If you love this project, and want to get started right away, we have a kit available where you can buy everything you need, from loom to yarn to pillow form, at 20% off the cost of everything separately.


You can find the weaving kit right HERE.

Do you have any new crafts that you’re looking to try out this summer?