Design A Sweater, Lesson 7: Finishing!

Hi Knitters! This final edition of the sweater class is all about
finishing. In this week’s video and handout, I’ll discuss weaving in
ends, how to finish your turned hem, closing up the underarms, and
working the neckline trim! Whew! Each step goes pretty fast, but make
sure to take the time to do these steps right, as a well-finished
sweater will look a lot better than one with sloppy finishing.

Check out our tutorials on finishing, too–they’ll give you a
lot of information on how to execute the techniques discussed in this

Finshing Tutorials

Another resource I really like and use a lot is Nancie Wiseman’s Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques, which is a wealth of information on every bit of swea=ter finishing you could imagine!

And without further ado, here’s your handout for this week:


Design A Sweater, Lesson 1: Swatching and Measuring

Ok, are we all ready to start swatching? Last week we discussed yarn
choices and design dreaming, and this week we are going to solidify our
yarn choices (if you haven’t already!) and find the right needle to get
the fabric that your design requires! I’ve done some extensive
swatching (the results of which I share in the videos below) and have
settled on knitting my Swish Worsted on US 6 Zephyr needles.

Swatching can seem boring when you’re itching to cast on a
project, but it is one of the most essential parts of the design
process, so it deserves a lot of time and attention! In this lesson,
I’ll be giving tips on how to swatch for the fabric your design needs,
and then covering the measuring of gauge from your swatch, and the
measurements needed for a succesful knit. All this information ins
contained in the pdf linked below, which also has diagrams and blanks
for you to fill in with your personal gauge and measurments. Don’t
worry if you’re math-phobic; I’ve done my nest to keep it simple and to
walk you through all the claculations step-by-step!

Lesson 1: Swatching and Measuring

Read on for more info and Videos…


Design a Sweater, Lesson 3: Shaping the Torso

Hi there! As you’ll see in this week’s video, my sweater is coming
along swimmingly! Now that I am deep in the process of working the waist
shaping, I am remembering why my row counter is my best friend!

This week, we’ll be discussing how to calculate the increases
and decreases that will shape the torso of your sweater to the finished
dimensions you desire. It may be helpful for you to look over and print
out this week’s handout so that you can follow along with the video
lesson, in which I’ll be walking you through all the math required in
this step. I promise, it’s not terribly hard :) Click the link below to
get the handout:

Lesson 3 – Shaping the Torso

And check out the videos below!


Design A Sweater. Lesson 4: Sleeves!

I raced through the body of my sweater in order to stay ahead of the
class, but even if you haven’t finished that sections, you can always
start on a sleeve!

Knitting sleeeves can be a welcome break from
working the torso of a sweater–they are more portable, and smaller, so
each round goes much faster and the length gows perceptibly, for a real
feeling of accomplishment! In this lesson, we’ll go over the math
behind sleeve shaping, and discuss some potential modifications that
allow you to get custom sleeves!

Click the link below for the handout:

Lesson 4: Sleeves

check out our videos, where I (somewhat tiredly–apologies! I should
maybe not shoot these lessons on Monday!) walk you through the math and
show how the formulas in the handout gave me the sleeve I want!


Design A Sweater, Lesson 5: Planning the Neckline

I am not usually a monogamous knitter, and the recent heat has made my
wosted-wool sweater project even less appealing. So I am a little
behind myself and I suspect some of you are, too! In the next phase of
our sweater designing, we will work the yoke and neckline, which means
two sets of calculations that must be worked at the same time! To make
that a little easier on everyone,and to give you all some time to catch
up, I’ve divided this section into two lessons. This week’s video
covers the basic shaping and construction o fthe neckline, and gives
ideas for how to decide what knid of neckline you want.

Watch the videos below:


Design a Sweater, lesson 6: Working the Yoke

The yoke is the most complicated part of a raglan sweater, but I think you’ll find that if you take it slow and work
carefully, it is not very hard at all! The trickiest thing is that the raglan decreases and neckline shaping will be worked
at the same time.This is also the most exciting part of the sweater–we are
nearing the finish line and for the first time, you’ll get to see your work really start to come together. Pun intended.
Let’s get started!

Read on for the videos and worksheet:


Who Wants to Design a Sweater?

Are you tired of knitting from patterns? Do you have a sweater in
your imagination that you can’t quite find the perfect instructions
for? Are you an aspiring garment designer?

If any of these
questions piqued your interest, then you are probably ready to design
your own sweater! I’ll be teaching an online class over the next 8
weeks right here on the Stash Blog, which will cover everything you
need to know to knit a seamless sweater from the bottom up to fit your
personal measurements precisely! Each week, there will be video
discussions of the curent topic and free pdf downloads of my notes and
worksheets. I’ll be knitting my own sweater as we go, and if you knit along with
me, you’ll be able to easily have yours done too in the 8-week period.
Feel free to ask questions in the comments section of the posts–I’ll
answer as many as humanly posible and other will chime in too, so that
folks who can’t knit along with us can still access the class later!

I learned while shooting the first video, I can really run off at the
mouth! So I’ll stop writing now and just let the videos speak for
themselves. This is our introductory lesson. I’ll be giving an overview
of the course, encouraging you to knit a sweater for yourself, and
discussing yarn options from a design perspective so that you can
select your yarns and be ready to start knitting with them in time for
next week’s discussion on gauge and swatching. Click through for the videos, and Enjoy!


Pomp, Circumstance; Sweaters!

Congratulations, KP Sweater Class of 2010, you are now sweater knitters! I didn’t print up diplomas for you but you have something better than a
ceremonial sheet of paper today. Today you have great sweaters, made
with your own two hands, that actually fit (or, will once they are done!)

There’s just so much beauty on display here; read ahead for a closer look at all of these wonderful projects!


Home Stretch!

I’ve ben dragging my heels on finishing my sweater for our online Sweater Class,
becuase…well, it’s hot and so worsted weight is not all that
attractive right now…but I think the real reason is something bigger.
I’m always a little slow at the end of a project like this, because I
feel a little scared to finish! I’ve already spent so much time working
on this piece, and I suppose I want to extend the anticipation of what
is to come for just a few more days…or weeks…or, in the case of
some of my UFOs, years!