Who Wants to Design a Sweater?

Are you tired of knitting from patterns? Do you have a sweater in your imagination that you can’t quite find the perfect instructions for? Are you an aspiring garment designer?

If any of these questions piqued your interest, then you are probably ready to design your own sweater! I’ll be teaching an online class over the next 8 weeks right here on the Stash Blog, which will cover everything you need to know to knit a seamless sweater from the bottom up to fit your personal measurements precisely! Each week, there will be video discussions of the curent topic and free pdf downloads of my notes and worksheets. I’ll be knitting my own sweater as we go, and if you knit along with me, you’ll be able to easily have yours done too in the 8-week period. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section of the posts–I’ll answer as many as humanly posible and other will chime in too, so that folks who can’t knit along with us can still access the class later!

As I learned while shooting the first video, I can really run off at the mouth! So I’ll stop writing now and just let the videos speak for themselves. This is our introductory lesson. I’ll be giving an overview of the course, encouraging you to knit a sweater for yourself, and discussing yarn options from a design perspective so that you can select your yarns and be ready to start knitting with them in time for next week’s discussion on gauge and swatching. Enjoy!

Here is the pdf download that covers these topics, for those who like to read their notes more! These are basically the notes I was referring to in the video, with a little bit of fancy spell-check and formatiing for you:

Nina’s Sweater Class: Introduction

I am really excited to knit a sweater with you! If you think you might be interested, introduce yourslef, and of coure, feel free to follow along and ask questions even if you decide not to knit with us!

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