Design A Sweater, Lesson 5: Planning the Neckline

I am not usually a monogamous knitter, and the recent heat has made my wosted-wool sweater project even less appealing. So I am a little behind on this sweater myself and I suspect some of you are, too! In the next phase of our sweater designing, we will work the yoke and neckline, which means two sets of calculations that must be worked at the same time! To make that a little easier on everyone,and to give you all some time to catch up, I’ve divided this section into two lessons. This week’s video covers the basic shaping and construction of the neckline, and gives ideas for how to decide what knid of neckline you want.

I have a turtleneck planned for my sweater, and my plan is to knit a high crew neck and then work the ribbed turtleneck up from there in the finishing. But you could do a low scoop neck and work ribbing up from that for a big cowl, instead, or any number of neckline choices. Since the math of planning your neckline is dependent on how you work the yoke, we’ll cover the hard details of it in a combo handout next week. For now, stay cool, enjoy knitting, and dream up a great neckline for your new sweater which is so close to being done!!

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