Sedona Sunset Wrap KAL Begins + Resources

Today is the first day of our Sedona Sunset KAL, which means today’s the day to cast on! The KAL runs through June and July,  so to stay on track, we recommend aiming to take about 15 days per ball of Chroma. That will guarantee completing knitting your wrap by July 31st, and with only a handful of ends to weave in, very little time is needed for finishing. 

Working on according to the suggested schedule is a slow, steady pace, but many of our KAL participants in the office started zooming through the first section of shaping. The Sedona Sunset Wrap grows quickly once cast on!

Sedona Sunset Wrap Resources 


  1. Deb / June 4, 2024 / Reply

    Already done, thanks. And my Surf’s Up Chroma Worsted just got here for the KAL, so casting on this evening.

  2. Annie / June 2, 2024 / Reply

    Wow! They are all so beautiful! Amazing colors!
    One question: how do you keep the from curling so much?
    Thank-you so much!
    Sincerely, Annie

    • Andi Satterlund / June 4, 2024 / Reply

      After blocking, you’ll have less curling. The start and end corners do keep trying to curl in, but the textured stitch patterns, garter edging, and bias construction help reduce the curl for the majority of the wrap.

  3. Deb / June 1, 2024 / Reply

    Still waiting for my yarn! Also, I’m hoping that the fact that there are no new colors of Chroma Twist yet doesn’t mean that it’s been discontinued, as I actually prefer working with it to using standard Chroma. I’ve been making squares for 2 Impressionist Kaleidoscope blankets whenever I’m between other projects, and would be truly unhappy to see it go the way of the dinosaurs.

    • Andi Satterlund / June 4, 2024 / Reply

      If you’re using current colors of Chroma Twist for your blankets, I recommend stashing up now!