Podcast Episode 209: Interview with TECHknitter

This week, Kelley chats with TECHknitter about her “chart chart”
and all things lace. Kelley first begins by giving a brief
overview of lace knitting and its components, along with the different
ways that lace patterns can be presented. Kelley goes over both written
and charted directions, before introducing TECHknitter’s “chart
chart” method
, which she first posted about on her blog back in 2007. Learn more about this compelling way to knit lace as TECHknitter chats about the history of lace and charting methods, as well as helpful tips and tricks.

And TECHknitter was kind enough to share some handy visual aids that show the “chart chart” method in action!

An example of a Tabulated Pattern (a proto-chart-chart)


Podcast Episode 207: Interview with Edie Eckman

Love to crochet small motifs, but never sure what to do with all of your
small crocheted creations? Get a dose of fresh, creative inspiration on
this week’s episode with Edie Eckman! A designer and author for both
knit and crochet, Edie chats with Jenny about her new book Connect the Shapes Crochet Motifs, which
brings you a whole new collection of interesting crochet shapes and a
myriad of ways to connect them. Learn how Edie got her start crafting
and how she translated her passion for knitting and crochet into a range
of patterns and books. You’ll also hear all about Edie’s design process
for creating new motifs and her inspiration for the patterns in her new
book, in addition to tips and tricks for beginning crocheters.


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Stashbuster Socks

One of the many joys of my Knit Picks life is making treasured friends through our mutual love of fiber art. A couple of years ago, I received a package containing a delightfully colorful pair of socks. They were accompanied by a note from Frances Fisher explaining that she is a fan of Knit Picks and these socks were a gift of what she calls her Hodgepodge socks.


Podcast Episode 204: Interview with Amy Clarke Moore

This week, Kelley gets a chance to talk with Amy Clarke Moore, editor of
Spin-Off and Jane Austen Knits magazines from Interweave. Amy shares
her story of how Jane Austen Knits started and talks about her
collaberation with members of the Jane Austen Society who provide the
depth and details in the wonderful articles throughout the magazine. If
you are a fan of Jane Austen, you’ll love this behind the scenes look at
this wonderful publication.