Episode 350 – Why are you spitting on your yarn? 

Summer knitting has arrived in the Pacific Northwest! In this episode, Stacey and Lee discuss their summer crafting, contemplate cotton knits, and talk about wearing knits on the Oregon coast. 

Stacey and Lee also share their Game Day KAL progress, and Lee tells the story of an unfortunate set-back involving her cat, Karl. Next, Producer Andi joins in the conversation to talk about methods of joining new balls of yarn as everyone progresses on their cardigans.

Later, Stacey and Lee answer your questions! Topics include, cable lengths for magic loop, how to undo knitting, weaving in ends, and more. You can send questions to be answered on future episodes to podcast@knitpicks.com, or leave one in the comments here!

Mentioned in this Episode

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Equinox Book

Equinox eBook

CotLin yarn

Comfy yarns

LB Pullover sewing pattern

Lenox Shirtdress sewing pattern

Lee’s Rainbow Top

Concord T-Shirt sewing pattern

Connecting Threads fabric

Karl the cat 

Russian Join

Swifts & Ball Winder

Guide to Winding Yarn

How to Wind a Center Pull Ball by Hand

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Hue Shift Afghan pattern


  • 00:02 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast!

  • 00:26 What Lee has been crafting this summer

  • 02:45 What Stacey has been crafting this summer

  • 04:53 Lee’s unfortunate incident with her cat, Stacey’s knitting-heavy coast trip & their Game Day progress

  • 08:53 Working Game Day’s stripes & debating cutting vs. carrying the contrast color

  • 11:05 Methods for adding a new ball of the main color

  • 17:50 Answering listener questions & where to send more questions

  • 18:43 Are ball winders & swifts worth the cost?

  • 21:22 Why do we not ball yarn in advance?

  • 24:13 How do I stop my stockinette from curling?

  • 28:30 How do I undo my knitting?

  • 36:32 What length of needle do I need for magic loop?

  • 39:20 What does weaving in ends mean?

  • 44:20 Credits


  1. Sheila Albert / July 12, 2022 / Reply

    This is a great podcast, but the host’s consistent mispronunciation of “stockinette” as “stocking-nette” is maddening! Why hasn’t someone corrected her before now?

    • Pam / July 14, 2022 / Reply

      Ha! I thought I was the only one that it bothered. Love you, Stacey, but there’s just no G in that word!

  2. Linda in WI / July 8, 2022 / Reply

    I love knitting slouchy hats, and how they look on me, but how do people keep them from sliding off their heads? The moment I look up, or turn my head, or breathe wrong, they fall right off. I’ve tried using bobby pins, carry-along elastic, coating the inside of the hat with silicone goop, using half a can of hair spray to “glue” it in place; none of it works. What’s the magic solution?