Knit Picks Podcast Episode 342 – Sock It To Me! The Sock Construction Episode You’ve Been Waiting For

Socks are one of those milestone knitting projects that once successfully completed, help you feel prepared to take on more difficult projects. Knitters who haven’t taken the leap can be intimidated by words like “gusset” and “kitchener stitch” but on today’s podcast Lee and Stacey hope to help make socks less scary for sock newbies by diving deep into everything sock-knitting.  

First up, Lee and Stacey check in about what’s on their needles. Lee picked up a project that she started in 2019 while Stacey shares a sad knitting story with a happy ending. (Yes frogging can be happy!) Then Lee and Stacey disagree on how to knit socks: toe-up or top-down? 

Next, new Knit Picks team members, Michelle and Cathy talk to Lee and Stacey about their knitting background and even answer our lightning round knitting questions. (*Use the This or That graphic below and answer some of our knitting questions yourself in your Instagram Stories!) 

Later Lee and Stacey pick up where they left off with their socks fight, only to agree that personal preference is key. Both discuss knitting two socks at at a time is a favorite. They cover everything about how to knit socks, demystify sock construction, share some favorite sock yarns, and answer YOUR questions about sock knitting. 

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Sock Construction Diagram

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0:00 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast
0:30 What is Lee working on right now?
3:30 Stacey’s sad story
8:16 Let’s talk about socks
11:42 Meet Michelle and Cathy
19:42 Lightning Round Knitting Questions
27:28 Producer Sarah has FOMO and Heather has the fix
28:25 More socks talk
58:57 Credits 

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ID: A blue sock is on a sock blocker as a hand comes in from the top and holds a measuring tape around the toe.


  1. Judith Hishikawa / May 21, 2021

    Please tell us which sock patterns are toe-up ones. Are we to assume that if toe-up is not mentioned, they are not?

    Thank you,

    • Sarah Nairalez / June 9, 2021

      Hi Judith, thanks for reaching out. Knit Picks offers many sock patterns for toe-up. Our patterns specify in the description the general construction of the socks.

      We suggest trying the Go Your Own Way Socks which offers both toe-up and top down options:

  2. katie mcdougall / May 20, 2021

    This is so timely, since your latest blog post introduces your new Marketing Manager, Cathy. Hi, Cathy! Cathy loves to knit socks. KP has been instrumental in helping me get over a big hump with my sock knitting skills! I love knitting 2aaT toe-up Magic Loop, but really wanted that traditional cuff-down gusset/heel flap architecture. I found the Go Your Own Way sock pattern helped me a lot!

    • Sarah Nairalez / June 9, 2021

      Thanks Katie! We love hearing that Knit Picks helped inspire you!