Knit Picks Podcast Episode 345 – A Celebration of UFOs and Summertime Knits with Designer Felecia O’Connell

UFOs have been in the news recently. How many UFOs have you encountered? In knitting, UFO stands for “UnFinished Object!” In honor World UFO Day and in celebration of summer, today we are talking about our knitting-related UFOs and summertime knitting.

First, on behalf of World UFO Day (celebrated around the end of June), Lee and Stacey talk about their definitions of UFOs vs. WIPs. There are a good deal of insider terms that get thrown around in the crafting community. A quick look:

UFO – UnFinished Object
WIP – Works in Progress
PHD – Project Half Done (not mentioned in this episode but good to know)

Lee and Stacey also confess to the projects they haven’t picked up in a long time. Is it time to frog or pick it back up?

Next, Stacey interviews knit designer Felecia O’Connell about her knitting origins, her designs for Knit Picks (mostly warm-weather knits), and where she draws her design inspiration from. Felecia’s specialty is creating designs that are simple, beautiful and fun to knit.

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0:00 Lee and Stacey catch up
18:30 Summer Sale
19:21 Stacey talks to Felecia
38:17 Credits

Cloverleaf top

ID: Ten skeins of Cotlin Yarn in a variety of colors, greens, greys, blues, an orange-red, and gold, lay on a table in circular, wheel design


  1. MaryAnn / July 10, 2021

    What was the “heather” yarn mentioned in the episode as her favorite color of Knitpicks yarn?

    • Michelle Fitzgerald / July 12, 2021

      Hi MaryAnn, Thanks for listening! The color Stacey mentioned is Fjord Heather (#26316), which is Wool of the Andes Superwash. Happy Knitting!