First Light Giveaway – The Winners!

Hi folks—first, thanks to everyone that participated in the First Light book giveaway! Congratulations to Doris Kidd, Heather Korb and Sarah Bacik, our randomly selected winners. Here’s are their favorites amongst the First Light patterns:

“Loving the the Tule sweater. Debating what color to do it in . . . So many choices.” – Heather

“I love the Infinity Cardi. I would love to make it this spring.” – Sarah

“I love the Infinity Cardi…intriguing construction always is fun.” – Doris

If you didn’t win this time, never fear: We will continue to do giveaways as often as possible! Have a great Wednesday.


First Light Giveaway!

Contest is now closed – We’ll be announcing the winners soon!


We’re all terrifically excited about First Light here. In fact, it’s a first for us: 14 gorgeous patterns by 12 different designers—all coming together for varied-yet-harmonious collection. You can download individual patterns for $4.99 or score the whole lot in the printed book version for just $19.99. The best part? Each printed book also comes with a free PDF-version of the book—perfect for throwing on your laptop or tablet for on-the-go continued crafting.

But first, try your luck at a contest!


24/7 Bag Giveaway: The Winners!

Hi folks—first, thanks to everyone that participated in the 24/7 Bag giveaway! Although I must say, after reading through your comments, you’re all vastly underestimating your abilities to look awesome/British. Moving on!

Congratulations to Ana Huron, Barb Blumke and Sidra Goldsmit, our randomly selected winners. Here’s how they employ reuseable bags:

I love taking reuseables to flea markets! And to the beach for wet clothes…..” – Ana Huron

When I was working I used a leather messenger bag stuffed with knitting, lunch and whatnot. At home I use reusable bags for books shoes yarn needles. For my work in progress I use a plastic grocery bag to keep my fur babies out of mischief.” – Barb Blumke

The first time I ever came across reusable bags was when we were in Holland in the mid-90′s. I still have the bag that we purchased there (it was a MONSTER bag). However, I invariably forget my bags in the trunk of my car and have to run out to get them (or send my husband). It would be nice to have something small in my purse (which is purposely not large) to be with me at all times. We are starting to see more & more cities/counties that require the customer to supply their own bags either for just groceries or all stores.” – Sidra Goldsmit

If you didn’t win this time, never fear: We will continue to do giveaways as often as possible. Have a neat Tuesday!


24/7 Bag Giveaway!

I’ll start this giveaway post with an important story that will most likely bore you: Do you love satchels? I do. For Christmas I received (which is to say, “purchased with great selfishness”) a small black satchel which DOES make me look like an awesome British schoolteacher, but DOESN’T actually hold much. Prior to this, I used a gigantic old clunker a la Mary Poppins’s carpetbag; it held everything your mind could imagine and substantially more, it defied laws of nature, and it always had an extra reusable bag tucked in there somewhere.

Moving along: I live in Portland and, as anyone who has seen the critically-acclaimed documentary Portlandia knows, it’s particularly vital that I keep reusable bags in my life. How to continue looking awesome and British while still being environmentally responsible?

Most of my reusable bags are of the general, folding variety—with the oft-lost plastic bit for base support and vaguely awkward shape for storage. Thankfully, our new 24/7 Bags from Flip & Tumble are nothing like that, quite literally reducing to the size of a peach; in fact, there’s my on-the-fly slogan for this bag: “More portable than an apple!”

Additionally, they’re quite strong (comprised of ripstop nylon) and roomier than they ought to be (2x the size of a plastic grocery bag). Yes, these bags are essentially my valentine this year—and now all you lucky folks have a chance to win one of your very own!


The Winners of the “Win Your Wish List” Contest

An earnest thanks to all you wishful participants in the contest—over 2,000 in all! Unfortunately, there could only be three lucky winners. Courtesy of random selection, congratulations to Velda Vanbiesen, Kim Driggs and Maryalice Little—all of whom were recently contacted and will receive a $50 gift card for Knit Picks goodies.

Even without winning, I truly hope this served as a useful tool for the rest of you! Please tell me that some of you were able to say, “O, I’m just showing you this list of potential presents for a contest…no other reason…I’m not trying to give you ideas OR ANYTHING”. Wink wink, no?


The “Win Your Wish List” Contest Returns!

The task of returning gifts is a dreary leftover of the holiday season—but there are lots of artful ways to avoid improper gifting (for example, Pinterest boards abound). However, what if you could drop helpful hints AND enter a delightful contest in one fell swoop?

You can indeed: The “Win Your Wish List” contest is back! Once again, three lucky people will win $50 worth of Knit Picks merchandise, just by creating and sharing their dream list of goodies. Entering is easy-peasy—here’s how:



Yarn Election 2012: The Results!

First and foremost: A huge thanks to everyone that participated in our stunning, first-ever Yarn Election at Knit Picks. Your clever and passionate appeals were a true delight to read; may you never stop voicing your opinions on the pressing fiber issues of our time!

However, there can only be one victor. Winning the election handily by a large margin, I present to you:


Yarn Elections 2012!

Polls are closed!  We’ll announce the winning candidate on Monday Nov 12- along with the winners of our fabulous prizes!

Well everyone, it’s officially November—do you feel a need to exercise your civil duty as a fiber crafter? Your time is now: Knit Picks is pleased to announce “Yarn Elections 2012”, a chance for you to make your opinions heard with the added value of potential prizes!

Vying for your vote and devoted affections are two worthy contenders:


Book Giveaway – Knitting at Home

I think I’m just obsessed with coziness right now – I’m working on three different knit and crochet blankets, making throw pillows for our couch, and hunting around for the perfect pair of slippers.

I don’t know if you’ve seen Knitting at Home yet, but it’s perfect for fueling any Must Get Warm At Any Cost feelings you might be having this holiday season. Even when my kitchen sink is full of dirty party dishes and the laundry is out of control, this book allows me to escape into a world of snuggly throws, hot cups of tea, and afternoons curled up on the couch.


Spooky Winners

Thanks everyone for entering our Spooky contest!  I fired up the ol random number generator & came up with 6 winners!

Winners of the Wonderfully Horrific Crochet:

  • Kim E. (who loves witches & zombies)
  • Rosalie R. (who loves witches & gouls)
  • Charlene M. (who loves monsters & zombies)


And the winners of Super Scary Mochimochi

  • Peggy K. (who celebrates Halloween all year)
  • Andi (who loves bats)
  • Amy B. (who loves the mummy kitty)


I’ve contacted all the winners so check your email!

Thanks everyone for playing – I hope we see some new knitted & crochet creatures popping up soon!