Yarn Election 2012: The Results!

First and foremost:  A huge thanks to everyone that participated in our stunning, first-ever Yarn Election at Knit Picks. Your clever and passionate appeals were a true delight to read; may you never stop voicing your opinions on the pressing fiber issues of our time!

However, there can only be one victor. Winning the election handily by a large margin, I present to you:

In addition to the pure joy that comes with winning, Candidate Wool is particularly appreciative of having the word “sproingy” so generously attributed to its name. As for the randomly-selected human winners, we offer congratulations to wool-supporter Sarah and cotton-supporter Carma—both of whom we recently contacted so they can receive a fabulous Knit Picks sampler of their favorite fiber.

Thanks again! And for all those vocal, write-in supporters of bamboo and acrylic:  2016 is a mere stone’s throw away, no?