24/7 Bag Giveaway: The Winners!

Hi folks—first, thanks to everyone that participated in the 24/7 Bag giveaway! Although I must say, after reading through your comments, you’re all vastly underestimating your abilities to look awesome/British. Moving on!

Congratulations to Ana Huron, Barb Blumke and Sidra Goldsmit, our randomly selected winners. Here’s how they employ reuseable bags:

I love taking reuseables to flea markets! And to the beach for wet clothes…..” – Ana Huron

When I was working I used a leather messenger bag stuffed with knitting, lunch and whatnot.  At home I use reusable bags for books shoes yarn needles.  For my work in progress I use a plastic grocery bag to keep my fur babies out of mischief.” – Barb Blumke

The first time I ever came across reusable bags was when we were in Holland in the mid-90’s. I still have the bag that we purchased there (it was a MONSTER bag). However, I invariably forget my bags in the trunk of my car and have to run out to get them (or send my husband). It would be nice to have something small in my purse (which is purposely not large) to be with me at all times. We are starting to see more & more cities/counties that require the customer to supply their own bags either for just groceries or all stores.” – Sidra Goldsmit

If you didn’t win this time, never fear: We will continue to do giveaways as often as possible. Have a neat Tuesday!