My visit to Doernbecher

This past Friday, I had the honor and privilege to visit with a woman
named Peggy Adams from Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland,
Oregon.  Peggy works as the Child Life Specialist in the Family Resource
Center and is working hard to arrange a program for the parents of
children to participate in while their sons and daughters receive

I reached out to Peggy a couple weeks ago because I thought she might
know of some local charities who might benefit from yarn donations. 
After speaking with her for a few minutes, she mentioned that she was in
the process of starting a knitting and crochet class for the parents of
kids at the hospital.


Yarn for our Friends

Most of you know me as the Independent Designer Partnership
Coordinator (quite the mouthful of a title isn’t it?) but another
wonderful part of my job is working with local charities.  While most
of our yarn stock is in Ohio, we do end up with quite a bit here in
Vancouver – leftovers from projects or photoshoots mostly.  Lots of
people ask what we do with all of it – and no, we don’t take it all
home with us.  We actually donate all of our discontinued yarns &
colors it to a couple of lovely local places.  One of those places is Friends Of The Children,
a nonprofit group in Portland that provides the most at-risk children
with intensive and long-term mentors.  We’ve worked with them in the
past and they have a group called “Crafty Friends” that loves playing
with our yarn & teaching children (and mentors!) to knit or crochet.

Since we are discontinuing a bunch of colors right now to make room
for our fall stock, I went down to the small warehouse we have here to
load up a box for our Friends.  That box turned into two..


Good For Goodness’ Sake

Funny Alisha mentioned hats and charity in her last post – those two
things are near and dear to me! In fact, at the end of January, I
shipped off 25 little baby hats to a local medical charity.

All of these hats are made out of Swish Worsted (except for three – one in Stroll and two in Comfy). They are super simple, quick and cute,
and use only a little yarn. All of the yarn for these was scraps from
other projects that would have been destined for the garbage or a long,
lonely wait in some random scrap bin. But, I saw other potential in the
yarn. Even a few grams would be enough for a stripe in a hat this small!

Over the last few years, I’ve slowly amassed a pretty good collection of
these scraps, and have found that charity knitting is the perfect use
for them.

Got scraps? Keep reading for a free baby hat pattern!


There’s a lot of hats being made around here

When I took this job at Knit Picks, I knew pretty instantly that
knitting was going to quickly become one of my new favorite hobbies. 
Since completing my first hat a couple of weeks ago, I have already made
another one and started on a third.  The first two were just my way of
testing my skills and trying out new stitches.  Because they are a
little too big for my head, I have decided to donate them to charity in
hopes that they will keep someone else’s slightly larger head warm in
this winter weather.  The one that I am working on now is the first one
that I am using a pattern on and I am really excited to see the end

In case you didn’t see a picture of my first hat on our Facebook page, here’s what it looked like:

I unfortunately haven’t captured a good picture of my second hat yet but here is what it looked like in the process:

My third hat is a cloche pattern that I got from Ravelry.  The pattern link is here: Cloche Hat
So far, I have just completed the brim section but I hope to get a good start on the body of it tonight.

My new-found love for knitting is starting to rub off on others in
the office and a couple of people have even stepped up and finished
projects that they were working on for quite some time now…


The Season of Giving

This time of year, no matter what holiday you celebrate (or if you
celebrate one at all), I think it’s pretty natural to look back about
the past year and see your successes.  All of us at Knit Picks and Crafts Americana
had a great year here and are so happy to be be doing something that we
love …which makes us want to share our joy with our local community!

Angela, Alisha, and I have been going through our catalog samples over
the past month & finding local charities to donate them to.  We
found a bunch of charities – some of which members of Crafts Americana
volunteer their time at – and we are so excited to share them with you.