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Good For Goodness’ Sake

Funny Alisha mentioned hats and charity in her last post - those two things are near and dear to me! In fact, at the end of January, I shipped off 25 little baby hats to a local medical charity. All of these hats are made out of Swish Worsted (except for three - one in Stroll and two in Comfy). They are super simple, quick and cute, and use only a little yarn. All of the yarn for these was scraps from other projects that would have been destined for the garbage or a long, lonely wait in some random scrap bin. But, I saw other potential in the yarn. Even a few grams would be enough for a stripe in a hat this small! Over the last few years, I've slowly amassed a pretty good collection of these scraps, and have found that charity knitting is the perfect use for them. Got scraps? Keep reading for a free baby hat pattern!

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There’s a lot of hats being made around here

When I took this job at Knit Picks, I knew pretty instantly that knitting was going to quickly become one of my new favorite hobbies.  Since completing my first hat a couple of weeks ago, I have already made another one and started on a third.  The first two were just my way of testing my skills and trying out new stitches.  Because they are a little too big for my head, I have decided to donate them to charity in hopes that they will keep someone else's slightly larger head warm in this winter weather.  The one that I am working on now is the first one that I am using a pattern on and I am really excited to see the end result.  In case you didn't see a picture of my first hat on our Facebook page, here's what it looked like: I unfortunately haven't captured a good picture of my second hat yet but here is what it looked like in the process: My third hat is a cloche pattern that I got from Ravelry.  The pattern link is here: Cloche Hat So far, I have just completed the brim section but I hope to get a good start on the body of it tonight. My new-found love for knitting is starting to rub off on others in the office and a couple of people have even stepped up and finished projects that they were working on for quite some time now...

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The Season of Giving

This time of year, no matter what holiday you celebrate (or if you celebrate one at all), I think it's pretty natural to look back about the past year and see your successes.  All of us at Knit Picks and Crafts Americana had a great year here and are so happy to be be doing something that we love ...which makes us want to share our joy with our local community! Angela, Alisha, and I have been going through our catalog samples over the past month & finding local charities to donate them to.  We found a bunch of charities - some of which members of Crafts Americana volunteer their time at - and we are so excited to share them with you.

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