Charity knitting for babies

A couple of years ago my granddaughter, at the age of 2 weeks, was admitted to the NICU unit at our local hospital, where she spent the next two weeks. She’s now a happy, healthy 2 1/2 year old, but it was really scary back then.  My daughter spent almost all her time by her side. One day, my daughter was given a knitted hat & bootie set for Kalyn. It was a heartwarming experience for her and a comfort during a difficult time.  That’s when I realized a need and that I would like to pay it forward for someone else.

I’ve been using left over cotton & acrylic yarns to create the baby items. I don’t remember which yarn was used with this set, but it is so darling.

green booties

With these hats I used a simple pattern and Comfy worsted weight yarn (one of my favorite cottons!). I have lots of partial skeins that are perfect for these small projects.

newborn hats

I also created hats in various preemie sizes.  I was really surprised at how little some of the preemie heads are. The smallest can be as little as a 7″ circumference!

striped hats

I recently got involved with a new group at my church, where we meet on a regular basis and knit/crochet/sew items for the local hospital. I knew there was a reason I was hanging on to my huge yarn stash!

If you are looking to start a group, or are looking for patterns to knit or crochet on your own, check out the free patterns at  There are charity patterns for just about anything you can think of to create.