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Winter is Coming

Or where I show just how geeky I am.

Earlier this year I, like many other people, became obsessed with Game of Thrones on HBO.  George R. R. Martin’s series A Song of Ice & Fire was on my to read list for many years but I’m rather ashamed I never picked them up until after the first episode of the TV series (I had to know what happened next!).  And I quickly became just as obsessed with the books – I’ve now been working my way through the audio books – they are great to listen to when kntiting!

So when this pattern popped up on Ravelry recently, I had to make them:

Winter is coming


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Keep those ears warm!

With the falling leaves and chilly autumn winds on their way, it’s time to start knitting a new hat! This Fall, how about an Andean Chullo hat?

This perennial favorite is back in two new colorways: Red and Grey.

The Red kit has rich autumnal shades of russet and orange, while the Grey
kit has a gradient of black to white shot through with bright wintry
blues. Both kits put a new twist on the Peruvian-inspired patterns…

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Happy Creweling!

Sometimes my fingers get tired of knitting so many tiny stitches (I seem to specialize in tiny needles and tiny stitches these days) which means that I’m always looking for another small project to break up all that knitting time. I know, blasphemy, but there it is! My newest intrigue is crewel embroidery. With crewel, I get to use all that lovely wool I enjoy so much while trying out a whole other world of needles beyond the clicky, knitty variety.


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Fingerless Mitts – My new fashion statement

I am rarely not wearing a scarf. If the weather is chilly, it will be
a warm, handknit beauty. If the weather is warm, it will be chiffon,
silk or even cotton. Oftentimes something I’ve found at World Market or Anthropologie. I only have a couple of scarves from Anthropologie because they are a bit spendy. But, I find that I wear those scarves a lot.

Scarves have been my signature style for as long as I can remember. I
think it has something to do with my being so Irish – read “pale”. I’ve
never been fond of the large expanse of pasty white from my forehead
down to whatever top I am wearing. I also appreciate how easily a scarf
can pull an outfit together. And, expand my wardrobe when I’m traveling.

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