Winter is Coming

Or where I show just how geeky I am.

Earlier this year I, like many other people, became obsessed with Game of Thrones on HBO.  George R. R. Martin’s series A Song of Ice & Fire was on my to read list for many years but I’m rather ashamed I never picked them up until after the first episode of the TV series (I had to know what happened next!).  And I quickly became just as obsessed with the books. I’ve now been working my way through the audio books – they are great to listen to when kntiting or driving to & from work.  Alison is a big fan too, so we have many conversations about some of the big twists & turns that come up in the novels!

So when this pattern popped up on Ravelry recently, I had to make them:

Winter is coming

“Winter is Coming” is words of House Stark, one of the major families in the series.  Their sigil is a direwolf (similar to a regular wolf but much larger and stronger). 

Winter is coming 

House Stark colors are grey & white so I dug into my stash of Palette & came up with Mist & Asphalt Heather (I’m pretty sure anyway – I seem to have a lot of random skeins of Palette without labels!).  It ended up being perfect – I love doing colorwork with Palette.

Winter is coming 

I do like how these came out – though of course I can immediately zero in on where my errors are!  I knit them up pretty quickly too.  While our winters here in the Pacific Northwest are not usually that snowy or cold (at least in our area), I’ll be ready if we have a cold snap!  Hopefully there won’t be any White Walkers invading us though.