The first hints of fall

Even though it’s still August, the first whispers of fall are in the air. It was downright chilly this morning, and the sun isn’t really much help when I get up for work. Colder weather is on its way – perfect time to start planning your fall knitting projects!

Just right for fall is the new Viticetum Coat. This duster-length coat has a pattern of swirling vines over a shifting background. In fact, just as an Arboretum is a collection of trees, a Viticetum is a collection of vines – just what you’ll find in this coat!

Smaller vine patterns appear in the edgings, and the coat is finished with elegant clasps.

The coat is subtly shaped through the waist and has a simple neckline. All of the hems are folded, allowing the edges to lay flat. The simple shaping complements the bold pattern, making this an elegant choice for casual days or a dressy evening. The Viticetum Coat is available as a kit in two colorways: Forest, and Sunrise. The kit will make a size 32-52″ bust.

Or, pick your own favorite colors of Palette and use the downloadable pattern to make your own, personalized collection of vines!