Henry’s Rabbit

I discovered a stray ball of Brava Sport under my desk (oh, fancy that!) in Camel Heather just about the same time that I stumbled upon the Henry’s Rabbit pattern on Ravelry. Well, I just couldn’t say no to that delightful combination and in a thrice I had a plump little football-shaped body ready for some ears, eyes, nose and arms! This little guy has a pretty unique construction (you’ll just have to pop over to the pattern to see what I mean), which made it a nice little challenge over the weekend. I love how he turned out, and I think he’ll be perfect for my newest little cousin over the holidays. He’s the perfect size to be hauled around by the ears or tucked under the arm for adventuring around the house. Plus, Brava is the perfect rugged (and washable!) yarn for toys so he’ll be around long after she’s started school.

I made one major change, though, and added a big puffy pom pom for a tail. I can’t resist sticking pom poms to things and really, a bunny should have a nice round tail, dontchya think?

So squishy!