Spring News: Our Latest Cotton Yarn, Collections, and more!

Introducing Snuggle Puff

We are so excited to share our latest yarn innovation with you! Snuggle Puff is an amazingly lightweight, huggably soft cotton blend–it really is the perfect yarn for snuggling (hence the name!). It has all that great, next-to-skin softness cotton is known for but without the weight and density of a traditional cotton yarn. It’s a ball of squishy, cuddly goodness, and it comes in ten sweet pastel colors!

What makes Snuggle Puff so great is the unique way it’s made. Downy drifts of cotton are blown into nylon mesh, which creates the absolute softest, fluffiest, and lightest-weight cotton available. Seriously. It is perfect for baby knits, soft accessories, and is a great yarn for those with sensitive skin.

If you’re familiar with our Wonderfluff yarn line, think of Snuggle Puff as Wonderfluff’s new little cotton sister.

Left: Professor Meow Sweater in Wonderfluff. Right: Mini Meow Sweater in Snuggle Puff.

New CotLin Colors

If Snuggle Puff is the new cotton kid on the block, CotLin is the laid back, cool one of the bunch. We hope these new colors inspire closets full of lightweight spring garments and accessories. Because CotLin is a blend of cotton and linen, garments made with it are both durable and oh-so soft. But garments aren’t the only thing this yarn has going for it–CotLin is wonderful for kitchen and bath accessories as well.

One of the great things about cotton and linen blends is that your projects will get softer each time you wash them (think of that super soft face cloth you love, or your favorite, well-worn shirt!). If you’re as excited about these new CotLin colors as we are, check them out here.

New Pattern Collections

This time around, we really wanted to create collections for both knitters and crocheters–the result was these four pattern books, two featuring shawls, and two featuring garments and accessories for babies.

Radiance: Knit Accessories features timeless designs and beautiful details. The twelve shawls in this collection are stunning yet understated–perfect for dressing up casuals or adding a final touch to an evening ensemble. Color Crush: Crochet Wraps, on the other hand, features six patterns that are all about vibrant color pops and bold designs that show off the true beauty of crochet.

In Playdate: A Baby Knit Collection, we offer a whopping eighteen patterns for those lovable kiddos in your life. These garments and accessories are meant to be worn and cuddled; sure they’re precious, but they’re also functional! For Room to Grow: A Baby Crochet Collection, we focused on accessories–you’ll find cute hats, booties, blankets and more in this collection featuring nine adorable crochet patterns.

Sock Labs

Oooooh, we just love a good mystery (especially when it involves sock yarn)!

This time around, we thought we’d dig up some of our popular, previous Sock Labs colorways, and create a super great (and mysterious) deal for you! For a limited time, you can buy two skeins for the price of one! These grab bags feature 2 different mystery skeins of our sock yarn (available in either Stroll or Hawthorne bases) pulled from our Sock Labs archive–enough for two fabulous pairs of socks!

Whew–that was a lot of news! We hope you love our latest offerings as much as we do.